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Trips Info & Rates 

Trip Info & Rates

We can accommodate up to 4 anglers.

Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing outside of Port Canaveral is as good as it gets. Numerous natural reefs, artificial reefs and wrecks, both intentional and accidental, allow us to constantly be on the hunt. The proximity to the gulf stream, miles of good bottom fishing habitat, and massive shoals offer a unique environment that allows us to pursue a very large variety of gamefish.

Common fishing techniques are both live and dead bait trolling, Bottom fishing, jigging and search and sight fishing for certain species.

Typical target species include King Mackeral, Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Tripletail, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo and many more.

Half Day offshore $750

Full Day offshore $950

Nearshore Fishing

Port Canaveral and the surrounding waters are home to arguably the best tripletail fishing anywhere In the world.

Predominantly a fall/winter/spring fishery for trophy tripletail, they can be caught all months of the year. Average fish is 5-10 lbs with fish commonly caught upwards of 20 lbs. True trophies weighing over 30 lbs frequent the space coast certain times of the year.

Cobia provide some of the most exciting fishing along the space coast. Fish commonly weigh over 50 lbs, are often caught sight fishing and offer a fight like none other. They can even be pursued with fly during certain times of year for a true accomplishment.

Both Tripletial and Cobia are delicious.

The majority of nearshore trips are targeting either tripletail or cobia. Other common target species on a

nearshore trips are snook, redfish, flounder, tarpon, bonita and many more.

Half Day Nearshore $500

Rocket Launch Trips

Kennedy Space center’s ever increasing launch schedule offers the opportunity to witness something most can only dream about. Incorporate into your Florida vacation a launch viewing charter, which will afford you a view that cannot be had from on land.

Call for Pricing

Custom Trips

From fly casting to tripletail to deep dropping for Golden Tilefish I am always happy to accommodate custom trips.

Call for pricing

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